Photo: Hilde Brevig


Born in Norway at Fredrikstad Hospital, in 2011 and had to spend some time there before I could come home to mum and dad in Halden. I am a quite happy and charming boy that love to climb high and low, and can be a little impatient if I can’t get things to work at once. I have a hot temper that makes me a little angry, but the smile is often back quickly. I am not always thinking about what I do in advance, but takes things as they come and are curious by nature. This gets me sometimes in trouble, but I am pretty good at charming people even if I am not always getting away with it. I love singing and listening to music, love to dance and move my body freely. I like to read books and learn how people, animals and plants works. I am very interested in the sun, moon, planets and stars, and thinks this is exciting stuff. I am a free soul that want to walk around barefoot all year. I have loads of energy, love to cuddle and have a big heart. My best friend that I look up to is my brother Bendik. It will be very exciting to live in our own boat and sail all over the world.



Born in Norway at Fredrikstad Hospital in 2011 together with my twin brother Milian. I also had to spend some time there before I could go to my mum and dad in Halden because I was preborn like him. I am more careful than my brother is, and think a lot before I do stuff. Sometimes a little bit stubborn when I am not getting my will. At the same time I am easily persuaded by my brother to explore the world high and low. Because I don’t want to be any less than him, this makes me get into trouble once a while, but it usually ends quite good. I love books, but also to explore the nature. I really love animals and flowers. Fishes and small insects are very interesting to me. Have for a long time been curioused of the moon and sun, of all the beautiful stars and planets that is out there in space. I like to be in my own company, but I am also social and love cuddles with persons I feel safe around. My biggest inspiration is my brother Milian. I think it is great to have a brother like him. I am looking forward to live on our boat, and help to navigate it around the world.



Photo: Hilde Brevig




Photo: Hilde Brevig


Born in Norway at Sarpsborg Hospital in 1968, and been living most of my childhood in Sponvika and Halden. In my adult life, I have lived in several places. Like Gothenburg (Sweden), London (England), Bodø in North of Norway and in Oslo back in South of Norway again. Been working with different things during studies, and have been traveling around most of Europe. I loved to see new places and meeting interesting people along the way. It made me curious. I have little experience with the boat life, but the ocean and the underwater world have been a big interest of my life and I always wanted to explore it. I therefore got my diving license in Thailand in the beginning of the 90’s, but haven’t had the opportunity to maintain the diving as much as I wanted. 

I lived many years in Oslo before I moved back to my hometown Halden. There I met my highly beloved Øystein, and it was a perfect match. We met the fall of 2007 and during the summer of 2008 we were already married. Then it was full focus at work and establishment, but suddenly we got pregnant with twins. We were shocked! I had a hip injury from a surgery gone wrong at a public hospital in 1981. I had to sit in wheelchair for a long period of time and had to learn how to walk again, but never recover perfectly from that. When I got pregnant in 2010 I got a severe pelvic pain and was in a long time on crutches before and after the kids were born. The pelvic pain got cronical and eventually I also got fibromyalgia. To live with the pain every day have been challenging, but the joy to see I have healthy children and a loving husband is greater. I'm training muscels with streching and doing some yoga to get stronger. I also have problems with my eyes, but had an eyesurgery this summer on my left eye to see better. It worked out well, but the sight is not quite clear as I hoped. My right eye also needs to be fixed. Will try to do that as soon as possible. When writing this I am still waiting to get a call from the hospital......

Øystein has always worked extremely much, while I worked 50%, taking care of children, home and the cabin, but suddenly this was too much for us. My health got worse, and we missed the lovelife and to be just us together with our kids. We asked ourselves a few questions, if all the stress was worth it? We had everything material we needed, comfort and love. What did we miss in our life? It took some time before we realized what we really wanted, and let the worries go.

Now I look forward to new challenges and explorations, to see what life has to offer. To live the life the way it is! In love and compassion!



Born in Norway at Gjøvik Hospital in 1982, and was raised in Lunner which is in Hadeland area. I had early interest for boats and constantly made drawings of them while growing up. Vacations and holydays made place in the familycabin along the the Iddefjord near Halden, and was highly appreciated. There were many possibilities to drive the boat we had and to swim in the fjord around the area.

I moved to Halden in 2002 and started to work as a cranetruck driver. Later I got 50% ownership of the crane company in 2006. It has been a lot of work, and it was very demanding running the company. Worked regardless how sick or tired I was, and by time I suffered with more and more pain in my back and pelvic. Even the knees was worn as well. I missed someone to share my life with for a long time, and when I met Annette it felt so right! Same values of life and mindset was some among the things that I fell for, and when she proposed to me I answered a big YES! We got married quickly and a new chapter of our life started.

The surprise was huge when we got pregnant with twins and we had to redecorate out newly brought semi-detached house to make room for everyone. We already had bought a cabin wich needed a lot of work to be finished. It was hard to do redecorations and work here an there when Annette was ill, but we managed to made it together. When Annette during the pregnancy got preeclampsia and one of the twins stopped taking nourishment, she had to give birth by caesarean in full anesthetic. The twins were born too early and had to be at the hospital for a month before we could take them home. Then it was work again, regardless Annette was not recovered from her illness. I have had a lot of guilty conscience not always managed to be so physically present for the family, but I chose to take out my maternity leave in several rounds, and we traveled to Fuerteventura in Canary Islands to be together. This was some fine weeks! In addition, we have also had some romantic trips here and there without children. That helped us to strengthen the relationship. In addition, we have never ever given up even if it was hard! We are there for each other in sickness and in health, good and bad days, in dark and light. It's love.

Life in charge of a family, house, cabin and job I really felt it on my body when I eventually got lung collapse, got into hospital and had to operate at once. Then I had to take it slow for a while, but it was not easy to run a company during my recovery. Should life only consist mainly of stressful rat race, or could life be something else? This was just some of the things I still wondered while I was driving from place to place in my job - looking for financial security. I actually felt burned out and had to do someting to change it.

The big questions about what was the meaning of life, why we are here and what we are meant to do on our beautiful planet, became stronger for us and now we are getting out of our comfort zone. This will probably be a journey that will mean a lot to all of us, and I'm really looking forward to sail away were the wind blows. Life is here and now! 



Photo: Hilde Brevig