Taste the word "THANKFULNESS!" What in your life are you thankful for?
We,for our part, have so much to be thankful for. We have the love of each other, the kids and heartful friends around us. We have always had roof over our heads and food on our table with clean water in our cups. Even if we have worked very hard to get all we wanted, it's not always like this for everyone in the world. Very important for us to remember when we'll travel around the planet.


Our planet "Gaia"

We are so thankful for living on this beatilful planet "Gaia" and for all the earth can give us. Thankful for the elements wich give us wind to move our boat around the world, ocean and land give us drinkingwater together with food, and finally the sun keep us warm and comfy. Thank you!!!

It's not for everyone to travel around the world like we do, and therefore we are so thankful and houmble to be able living our dream. 


Family and friends

A big "THANK YOU" to those in our family and friends who are supporting us in our choice. Not all of you are satisfied with what we are doing, but at least we are living our life in fullest.

Some links/adresses to those who has helped us in different ways. MANY thanks for the support! (Most of them are also on FB and Insta, så please check it out!)










TaTak I, Halden (Suitcases, bags and more) - tel: 0047-69179080

Gerd Holms Eftf. AS, Halden (Bandagist, medical equipment and more) - tel: 0047-69181288

Kamperhaug Jakt, Fiske og Fritd AS, Halden (Hunting- and fishing equipment and more) - tel: 0047-90938648